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Bishop David A Lazarus

Bishop DA Lazarus

Presiding Bishop of Siloam in Gauteng South Africa

Bishop David A Lazarus is the Presiding Bishop of Siloam in Gauteng South Africa. He serves as Senior Pastor of a church that is an international model of influence for its excellent standard in bearing the name of Christ.

In more than 30 years of ministry he has equipped and mentored both young and old from diverse paths of life.

Bishop Lazarus is a minister’s minister and preaches on the principles of Kingdom Dynamics, Raising Spiritual Sons and Daughters, Leadership and Debt-free living.


His book entitled “All Because of Jesus” shares with readers the Bishop’s personal testimony of what God can do when one stays true to the call and vision of God.


Neela Lazarus, his wife for 40 years, is also a knowledgeable teacher of the Word and is a strong counsellor and mentor to women across the globe. He is a father to 3 children and grandfather to 7.



He is a devout student of the Word of God, having pursued studies through various institutions and holds a Doctor of Divinity degree from Seoul Theological Seminary in South Korea, which was awarded to him in 2002.


In 2007, Dr Lazarus was elevated to the office of Bishop, in the Lord’s church, under the examination of the presiding prelate, Bishop Larry D Trotter of the United Covenant Churches of Christ International.



Bishop David A Lazarus

Mum Neela Lazarus

First Lady

She is a seasoned teacher of the Word of God and has travelled extensively throughout Africa, USA, Asia and Australia, ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Neela Lazarus is also the founder of Women of Worship and Ruth & Naomi Company. This is a ladies fellowship that empowers women to rise up and be counted as a Daughter of Zion, fulfilling their roles as the priceless gift of Christ in the Earth. She is a mentor to many women – both young and old – from across the globe.

She has successfully completed a Diploma in Ministry and Bachelors in Theology Degree through Teamwork Bible College SA.

Parable magazine featured her in an interview-based entirely on the lives of prominent Pastors’ wives in the Gauteng area.

Having overcome her own challenges, she has grown to be a minister with a practical approach to daily living, in preaching the Word of God and exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit. she is also tenacious and fervent in her zeal to rise against the enemy’s kingdom and experience restoration of confidence, renewal of strength and reclaiming of joy and all that Christ has predestined for our lives.